art & design 4

contents – Date of Publishing: 2009

Leoni Schmidt - Art and Design Teaching and Learning: A Conference Report
Nathan Thompson - Navigation – Graphic Directions In Sound
Alexandra Kennedy - Acts of Interruption: Dérives and Détournements in Painting
Francis Plagne - Adam Douglass’ Alien Happening
Catharine Hodson - An Arresting Affect
Peter Belton - Awkward Bedfellows? Visual Art and Analogy
Max Bellamy - Microcosms
Marcus Williams - Teaching, Learning and "The Greatest Idiot in New Zealand"
Stephen Naylor - Regional Art Schools: A Model for Survival and Success
David Bell - Confronting/Constructing Curriculum: Curriculum Constructs and Meeting the Needs of Learners in Art Education in New Zealand
Pamela Zeplin - Trojan Tactics in the Art Academy: Rethinking the Artist-In-Residency Programme
Charles Robb - The Studio Sans Frontières: The Open Studio as an Answer to the Challenges of Teaching Contemporary Art
Fiona Grieve, Monique Redmond - The Site of Publication in Contemporary Practice
Lesley Duxbury - If We Knew What We Were Doing…
Pat Hoffie - Art and Creativity – Behind the Mere Show
Janeen Greig - PURR
Beverley Clark, Nicky de Lautour - In early childhood education, should the adult’s role in the visual arts be hands-on or hands-off, or is there a role which is somewhere in-between or somewhere beyond?
Barbara Piscitelli - Children, Art and Museums
Helen Lloyd - Provoking Critical Thought in the Gallery Context
Estelle Alma Maré - Why Modern Artists Copied or Quoted El Greco
Peter Stupples - Art Education and Curating
Victoria Bell, Lee Houlihan - Garden Ware: A Project Instigated By Julie Davies With Victoria Bell and Lee Houlihan for the Exhibition “Instructional Models,” 21 April–16 May 2009
Rachel Gillies - Students Who Blog
Jane Venis - Engaging Students with Low Motivation in a Studio Learning Environment
Tania Allan-Ross - Designing Multi-Sensory Learning Environments for Students who are Challenged by Sensory Experiences
Max Oettli, Margo Barton - Problem-Based Learning Group Teaching In Design and Art – A Spontaneous Example
Mark Jackson - Ethics of Design
Qassim Saad - “Design for Development:” Rethinking Culturally
Jannie Visser - A Narrative Of Being, Growing And Becoming Across Cultural Landscapes: Art and Art Education Encounters with Self and Others
Dilek Alkan Ozdemir - The Reflection of Traditional Ottoman Costumes on Kutahya Ceramics
Nilgun Salur - Art of Kati
Steve Lovett - Making Friends with the Digital Natives
Neil Emmerson - "The Glass Closet"