Learning and Teaching 11

contents – Date of Publishing: 2022

Edgar Burns - Teacher as Learner: Using Sea-level Rise to Communicate the Seriousness of Climate Change
Rachel van Gorp - My Journey and the Value of a Community where Neurodiversity is Celebrated
Martin Andrew, Oksana Razoumova - Different Voices, Diverse Journeys: Exploring Reflections on Practicum Learning
Jerry Hoffman, Robyn Hill, Warren Smith - Impact Evaluation of Learner Experience and Achievement in an Online Master of Applied Management  
Stella Lange - Different Not Less: Neurodiversity as a Lens for Understanding Our Students Better
John Mumford - Decision Support System Design: Reflections on Teaching Decision Theory and Statistics within an Information Technology Degree
Natalie Smith - Collage and Critical Thinking:  What the Pop artists Taught Me About Doing Sociology  
Bruno Balducci - Experiential Learning: Investigating Lecturers’ Perceptions of Authentic Learner Activities 
David Woodward, Shannon Booth, Elise Allen, Alexa Forbes, Jeremy Taylor - Early Impressions of Teaching Practice from Tertiary Teaching Practitioners 
Cath Fraser, Philippa Crombie - Social Media as an Academic Research Tool: Efficacies and Concerns   
Steve Henry, Deane Patterson - Reflections From Two Neurodiverse Learners Thriving in Learner-centred Degrees
Amber Fraser-Smith - Living with a Chaotic Mind
David Bettis - Microsoft Teams Breakout Rooms for Online Delivery
David Culliford, Amohia Peka - It’s Muddy Work: A Summer Scholarship Research Project Investigating Estuary Habitat Health 
Marianne Cherrington, Jun Sugita, Christiaan Bredenkamp - Project-based Learning via Strategic Objectives for Sustainable Practice 
Amy Benians - Learning Analytics from a Neurodiversity Perspective: Considerations for a Co-design Project 
Trish Chaplin-Cheyne - Editorial: Diverse Experiences of Learning and Teaching
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