Learning and Teaching 12

contents – Date of Publishing: 2023

Trish Chaplin-Cheyne - Consistency Through Transition
Toni Herangi, Mason Holloway, Joe Citizen - New Shoots From Old Roots: Te Pou Ahurei as a Learning Framework
Roseanne Sadd, Jacinda Hills - Taming a Wicked Problem Through Virtual Pre-Simulation Gaming
Mallory Tomsett, Kelly Warren, Rachael Burke, Fenella Wilson, Chrissie Keepa - A Critical Appraisal of Anxieties Among Higher Education Students: Strategies and Solutions
Claire E Thomas - How Prepared are Our Students? Directing Our Efforts to Support Students’ Tertiary Education
Willfred Greyling - Tracking Literacy Development in the Tertiary Sector: Educationally and Statistically Significant Learner Gain
Ana Terry, Lucy Richardson - Visual Literacy: More Than “A Pretty Picture”
Elizabeth Youard - Interaction During Transnational Online Learning: Tertiary Student and Lecturer Perspectives
Suzanne Miller, Finn Miller, Katie Baddock, Sally Baddock - Research Supervision at Distance in Higher Education: A Review
Balint Koller, Jerrylynn Manuel, Katrina Watt - A Journey Into the Unknown: Reflections From Novice Instructional Designers on Identifying Their Place Within the Southern Institute of Technology
James Staples, David Woodward, James Harrison - A Model for Peer Observations of Teaching Practice and a Proposal for Implementation at Otago Polytechnic
David Woodward, Shannon Booth, Elise Allen, Alexa Forbes, Clare Morton - Reflective Practice for Educators and Learners, and the Benefits of Being a Reflective Practitioner
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