art & design 5 & 6

contents – Date of Publishing: 2011

Leoni Schmidt - Visual Arts Practices
George Petelin - It’s Research, but Not as We Know It
Jane Venis - The Chindogu Gym: or Zen and the Art of Exercycle Maintenance
Jenni Lauwrens - Disciplining Images in Visual Culture Studies: Plotting a Course
Peter Stupples - Art and Aesthetics
Kura Puke - In Pursuit of Meaning: Mana and the Sgeulachd Ghaisge: The work of Warwick McLeod
Jane Davidson - Iconology in Secular Times: True Stories
David Green - Paranesia
Peter Belton - The Face in the Moon
Hannah Joynt - Painting on a Hunch: Image-making Informed by Intuition
Maxine Alterio - Memory Matters
Rachel Byars - Stories through Menus
Lily Hibberd - WindWells: A Subterranean History of Water in Queensland
Neil Emmerson - (I Must Confess …)
Rekha Rana Shailaj - My Metamorphosed Fashion Design Praxis
Michael Greaves - Smoke and Mirrors: Painting, Isolation and Tradition: Europe 2010
Kerry Ann Lee - Deconstructing Heaven: The Fabrication of Urban Utopias and Realities
Anita DeSoto - Lost in Leipzig
Qassim Saad - Travelling to Post-war Iraq in 2010-11: Histories and Designs in Context
Peter Stupples - The Mikula and Volga Fireplace
Sudhir Kumar Duppati - Integrated Arts Curriculum at School Level: A Cultural Perspective
Kathryn Mitchell - The Museum as Holy Shop: the Church, the Mall, and the Factory
David Bell - A Great Day Out: Making the best of Your Museum Visit
Rebecca Hamid - Bring it On!: Scott Eady’s Rhetoric
Michele Beevors - Something Lost, Something Found in the Works of Scott Eady
Rebecca Hamid - What are We Looking At? Michael Parekowhai at the 2011 Venice Biennale
Rachel Gillies - Are You Experienced? A Review of Michael Parekowhai’s On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer at the 54th Venice Biennale 2011
Christine Keller - Dismal Treatment of the Dismissed
- Colophon: art & design 5&6, 2010/2011