Health and Wellbeing 8


contents – Date of Publishing: 2023

Helen Jeffery - Joining the Dots: Synergy Through Connection
Kim English, Josie Crawley - A Global Context for Rural Nursing: An Interview With Professor Kim English (Visiting Scholar)
Kerry Davis - The Fob Watch Witness
Lesley Brook - Isabel Muir: A Nursing Career Goes Off Track
Kathie Lasater - Restoring Connections Using Health Promotion Strategies
Gary Barclay - Seeking Connection Through Football: Self-Determination and the Drive to Belong
Peter Olsen, Helen Marshall, Maria Choukri, Catherine Elliot, Heperi Harris, Claudia Leong, Nick Draper, Catherine Lizamore, Michael Hamlin - Connecting Through Research: A Collaborative Autoethnography of a Positive Culture in an Inter- Institutional Research Group
Rachel van Gorp - Unlocking the Power of Connection
Indujeeva Peiris, Renu Joshi - Connecting in the Age of Disconnection: The Missing Link
Jane Jones, Sylvia Ma, Francesca Brown - The Strength and Conflicts of the Human-Animal Bond in Aotearoa New Zealand
Jenny Lansdown - Taking It All in Their Stride: Nursing Students’ Clinical Placement Experiences During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Judith Honeyfield, Adam Proverbs, Pam Foster, Deborah Sims - Missed Opportunities: Exploring Third-Year Student Nurses’ Clinical Experiences in Aged Residential Care
Jo Speirs, Amy Simons - Collaborative Learning Opportunities in Undergraduate Nursing Education: Bridging the Theory to Practice Divide Through Community Connections
Jean Ross, Kate Emond, Daniela Händler-Schuster, Kim English - Connecting – Fellows Take Action: An International Rural Collaboration
Annabelle Forrest - Exposed
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