Health & Wellbeing 1


contents – Date of Publishing: 2017

Megan Gibbons - Guest Editorial
Richard Young - Learned Personal Excellence: an Olympic example
Hayden Croft - Integrated Learning in Sports Analysis
Richard Humphrey, Deirdre Roberts, Regan King, Penny Mee - Survey of Tertiary Students Drinking Behaviours: Pilot Study for Proposed Interactive Bottle bin.
Tom Wallis, Gary Barclay, Richard Humphrey - Aggression in Football: A Comparative study
Mary Butler - Light and the Health of Older Adults with Low Vision: A Narrative Review
Simon Middlemas - The Think Aloud Protocol: Capturing Athletes’ Thoughts and Feelings during Video Feedback
Anne-Marie Jackson, Hauiti Hakopa, Samantha Jackson - Maori Physical Education and Health in the Tertiary Context
Matthew Blair, Simon Body, Hayden Croft - The Physical Metrics of World Series Sevens Tournament Matches
Terina Raureti, Anne-Marie Jackson, Hauiti Hakopa, Troy Ruhe - Whanau Fit: Promoting Te Reo Maori and Physical Activity
Maria Malashenkova, Zina Romova - Resistance to Physical Stress under Extreme Conditions and Methodological Principles of Participation in Extreme Recreation
Helen Jeffery - Playing it Safe - Adventure Therapy in New Zealand: Implications for Occupational Therapists
Sarah Sellar, Simon Middlemas - Incorporating Sustainability into Overseas Travel for Physical Activity Students
Kirsten Spencer, Sandra Wolf - Small-Sided Games: Is 6v6 a Positive Progression for the Development of Junior Netball?
Jacky Keen - The Waimate Massage Project
Stephanie Bond, Pounamu Gardiner, Megan Gibbons, Richard Humphrey, Pete Eley - Comparison of Blood Lipids, BMI Levels and HbA1c Levels Among Vegans, Ovo-Lacto Vegetarians and Omnivores
Pete Eley, Simon Middlemas, Megan Gibbons - The Springin2it! Project 2010-2015
Stacey Poutasi, Will Payne - Vitamin D Supplementation improves Mood over Winter New Zealand Office Workers
Gary Barclay, Richard Kerr-Bell, Simon Middlemas - The Intersection of Medical Treatment and Mäori Cultural Values with Serious Head-related Injuries
Geoff Simons, Luke Adams - Significance of Birth Dates of NZ National Rugby Players (All Blacks) – a Comparison of the Professional and Amateur Eras
Kate Spenceley, Richard Humphrey, Candice Lingam-Willgoss - Defining Ultra-Endurance: a Survey of Athletes and Coaches to Achieve a Consensus Definition
Matthew Blair - Coaching Report: Considerations for Rugby Sevens- Specific Training Schedules