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Kelli Te Maihāroa


  1. Optimal Learning Conditions for Masters and Doctor of Professional Practice Māori Learners Kelli Te Maihāroa (
  2. Ko Te Mouri O Te Mahi Te Mouri O Te Ora KO TE MOURI O TE MAHI TE MOURI O TE ORA.
    He mea tuhi e Tonga Karena
    He mea rangahau e Tonga Karena,
    Dr Kelli Te Maihäroa me Dr Griffin Leonard


    Dr Kelli Te Maihāroa (
  3. Moko
  4. Retracing Ancestral Footsteps
  5. Butterfly Kisses
  6. Communities of Practice for Independent Learning Practitioners at Capable NZ, Otago Polytechnic
  7. Mapping Transformational Change
  8. Editorial