art & design 15

contents – Date of Publishing: 2017

Simon Marcus Swale, Jane Malthus, Margo Barton - Fashion Today and Tomorrow: Considering an Interconnected Global System of Challenges and Promise
Tania Allan-Ross - Functional Fashion Design: Transforming Processes to Improve Outcomes
Margo Barton, Jane Malthus, Annette Cadogan, Erin Broughton - Anything Could Happen – A Prime Minister’s Scholarship, Asia Fashion Study Tour
Vandana Bhandari - New Directions for Social Enterprises: The Role of Design in Empowerment
Ariane Bray - Creating a Slow Fashion Collection – A Designer–Maker’s Process
Fiona Clements - Unstitched: Local Fashion Revolution Dunedin
Divya N - Considering Your Age: A Study of How Women Above the Age of Sixty Express Themselves Through Fashion
Sharlee Ghent - Fashioning Identity and the Art of Bricolage: Studio-Based Research Methods and Reflection-in-Action in Fashion Design
Tracy Kennedy, Caroline Terpstra - From Planet To People – How Fashion Education Can Contribute to a More Ethical and Sustainable Fashion Future
Lisa McEwan - Investment Piece: Co-Design Strategies to Support the Emerging Designer Sector of the New Zealand Fashion Industry
Leigh Paterson - Diss/Play – T-Shirts as Mobile Meme
Brittany Pooley - Virtual Fashion Business Incubation: Nurturing New Zealand Designer–Makers and Small-Scale Slow Fashion
Sue Prescott - Responsible Fashion Consumption: Modular Sensory Interaction
Rekha Rana Shailaj - Post-Fashion, Hybridity, the Unconventional: Implications for the End of Fashion
Phoebe Ryder - Integrating Traditional Craft Techniques and Contemporary Fashion
Kavita Saluja - “The Rabbit Hole” – New Frameworks of Awareness for Fashion Pedagogy
Andrea Short - An Autoethnographic Reflection on Conceptual Fashion Textiles
Simon Marcus Swale - Speed, Technology, Entropy: The Fashion System at Breaking Point
Jennifer Whitty - From the Parts to the Whole: Reconnecting Fashion Design Education to its Ecological Impact
- Colophon