art and design 11

art &design 11

contents – Date of Publishing: 2015

Leoni Schmidt - Editorial: Cross Sections
Joe Joe Orangias - Decolonial Sculpture: Unpacking Sugar
The P Lab Collective - Uganda (After Alfredo Jaar) 2014
Rob Haultain - The Canaries Did Not Sing – Site Project 2014
Mark Bolland - Folly
Thomas Lord - Totara: A Conversation Between Thomas Lord and Mark Bolland, June 2015
Kristin O’Sullivan Peren - The Event In Transit Project
Jae Hoon Lee - Nomad: A Photographic Voyage
Michael Potter - Pinhole Cameras: Positives and Negatives
Leoni Schmidt - Van Brandenburg: Unfurling In An Era Of Waste Crisis
Fiona Clements - #whomademyclothes
Andrew Last - 46° ’Bent – Design, Manufacture and Deployment of DIY Recumbent Bicycles
Jane Venis - Behind the Scenes with Dr Clawhammer
Ana Teofilo - O Le Malaga I Lanu Ma Musika: My Journey Through Colour and Music
Robyn Bardas - Horizon. Between
Alex Theron - Process of the Graphic Narrative: White Guilt
Gregory Thomas - The Risograph and Analogue Resilience
Rachel Hope Allan - An iPhone, an App and an Impossible Project
Ted Whitaker - Miss Scarlet in the Lounge
Severine Costa - SAS Series
Mildred Leckie - Recent Projects
Cobi Taylor - Scarlett Jewellery
Rachel Hope Allan - Behind the Ink
Anita DeSoto - “I Want More, in a Nutshell”
Peter Stupples - A Gathering of Hoops and La: An Exhibition of Clay and Fibre Forms by Rob Cloughley and Prudence Edge in the Vogel Street Cellars of Wine Freedom, Dunedin, 10 October 2015
Hannah Joynt - Te Araroa Drawing Expedition
Glen Hazelton - Dunedin Street Art
Jo Seddon - Chorus Cabinet Art Program, Dunedin: A Report on Working With Communities to Reduce Graffiti
Aroha Novak - A Lost History
CLINK Collective 2015 - Project #2
Marion Wassenaar - Custom Service – A Print Collaboration with Kushana Bush
Christian McNab - Fresh ’N Fruity Summer Residency 2015
Rachel Blackburn - Steep Street
Tania Allan-Ross - Exhibition Review: “The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk,” National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.
Jade Muirhead - Darkblack
Andrea Short - Descending Grace
Lah Laufiso - The Layers of Ugly
Ariane Bray - Visionary: [An Analysis ... in my Fashion Design Process]
Julia Palm - JPALM Design Manifesto
- Colophon: art & design: 11 December 2015