Learning and Teaching 9https://doi.org/10.34074/scop.4009

contents – Date of Publishing: 2020

- Editorial
Yury Zhukov and Marianne Cherrington - Modelling Sustainability For A Green Circular Economy
Tracey Carlyon and Amy Opperman - Embedding Soft Skills Within Learner-Centred Environments For Vocation Education Graduates
Bradley Hannigan and Sarvesh Saini - Learning In Lockdown: A Case Study Of International Student Experiences Of The Covid-19 Lockdown
Steve Ellwood - Discovering Personal Motivation Through New Learning
Kathiravelu Ganeshan and Farhad Mehdipour - Tertiary Education: Meeting Stakeholder Expectations In A Fast-Changing World
Rajeev Chawla and Marianne Cherrington - Move For Movember: Reflections On Experiential Learning Activity For Collaborative Learning And Peer Learning
Vera Nistor - Developing An Experiential Learning Model For Students Of English For Academic Purposes To Use In Their Further Studies – A Reflection
Barnaby Pace and Marianne Cherrington - Analytics For Managers
Marianne Cherrington - Waterwise Reflections
Edgar Burns - Revising Teaching Exercises To Engage First-Year Undergraduate Sociology Students
Joe Citizen - Inaction Is Also Action: Attempting To Address Päkehä Paralysis
Julia Walne - Learning To Teach In The NZ ITP Sector: Lessons From Literature
Karole Hogarth and Donna Burkett - Developing A Contemporary Curriculum For Undergraduate Nursing Learner Success
Simonne Wood - Jottings In The Margins – Using Digital Annotation To Support 21st Century Learning
Amy Benians and Emma Colins - From Concept To Course: Creating A Pathway To Better Community Healthcare In Rural Aotearoa New Zealand
Samuel Mann and Ron Bull - Can My Thesis Be A Novel? Towards A Learner-Centred Process For Defining The Practitioner Thesis
Oonagh McGirr - An Open Education Extended Haiku
- Colophon