Health and Wellbeing 4

contents – Date of Publishing: 2019

Fiona Doolan-Noble - Guest Editorial
Hope Robson - I’m finding you slowly
Interview by Jean Ross - Rural Community Practice: An Interview with Alun Roberts
Jean Ross - Rural Communities
Keith Whiddon - Maintaining the Health of a Rural Community by Working Towards Resilience and Sustainability
Daphne Page - Conflicting Conceptions of Place between Civil Society and Council Actors Involved in Local-level Food Policy Development: The Cases of Devon and Bath, UK
Jocelyn Helm and Mary Butler - ‘Going the Extra Mile’ for Clients in a Rural Community: Reflection on an Ethical Issue Faced on Fieldwork Placement
Tania Smellie and Linda Robertson - Relocating or ageing in place? A story of housing modifications in rural, NZ
Fiona Doolan-Noble, Jean Ross, Rhonda Johnson, Melanie Birks, Karen Francis and Jane Mills - Rural Nursing in Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia: Embracing Strategic Foresight to Sustain Tomorrow’s Workforce
Jean Ross and Josie Crawley - Narrative Inquiry Insights: Rural Nurse Responses to Decades of Change
Cynthia Mullens and Michael Mullens - Learner Engagement in Community Health and Development: Islands, Isolation and Impact
Jean Ross, Diana VanderWoude, Audrey Snyder, Elizabeth Merwin, Corey Hamilton Kilgore and Lisa M. Feller - Global Rural Nursing Student Exchange: Engaging with the Chase Model and Fostering Worldview Intelligence Towards Solution-Focused Community Wellbeing
Laurie Mahoney and Jean Ross - Nurse Learners’ Educational Interaction with Communities as ‘Living Labs’ Has Proven to Impact Positively on the Sustainability of Rural Community Health-care Outcomes
Aleisha Ferris, Anja Koehler, Anna Drummond, Anna Power, Ben Rowley, Brianna Atkins, Cassie Davies, Catherine Huggins, Danielle Martin, Danni Ma and Jean Ross - Evidence-based Health Promotion for Youth, Farmers and Families of the Gore Community: A Focus on Mental Health and Family Violence
April-Lily Sule, Claudia Unkovich-McNab, Gemma Heseltine, Brittany Ruddenklau, Caitlin Ritchie, Anna Jamieson, Alyssa Gibson, Danielle Booth and Anna Askerud - Analysis of Youth Mental Health and Sustainable Tourism in Owaka, Rural Otago
Alana Fitzgerald, Ciarain Gordon, Danielle Kitto, Charlotte Ma, Aimee Mackie, Angela McKnight, Alice Restieaux, Amy Wilson and Laurie Mahoney - Mataura in Southland, New Zealand: A Sustainable Project
Angeline Bushy - Stories of nursing in rural Aotearoa: A landscape of care
Josie Crawley - Solace in ‘Place’
- Colophon