Health and Wellbeing 3

contents – Date of Publishing: 2018

Josie Crawley - Guest Editorial
Marc Burkhart and Kirsten Spencer - Offensive tendencies of major league baseball teams, regular season versus postseason
Jane Malthus and Moira White - Making and doing at home: patchwork and other sewing crafts as occupational therapy
Ryan Smart and Kirsten Spencer - The influence of fatigue on rugby league players: comparing college and club competitions
Rita Robinson - Is the gendered nature of toileting care and toilet training shifting?
Tania Allan-Ross - Comparison of adolescents living with sensory integration differences. a pilot study
Kirsten Spencer and Anton Vera - Effective coach feedback and fighter application in mixed martial arts
Bennett Jones and Richard Humphrey - Does stretching the antagonist muscle increase power output in an agonist muscle contraction?
Nicole Irvine, Gary Barclay and Richard Humphrey - Exposure of the female body image in the media and the effect on athlete and non-athlete females’ body image dissatisfaction
Kerry Davis and Geoffrey Harvey - A programme to enhance the successful transition of the occupational identity of the Internationally Qualified Nurse (IQN)
James Sunderland - ‘I do, therefore i understand’: introducing occupation analysis through experiential learning
Lorraine Ritchie - I’m just straight-up demented: an exploration of dementia in fiction
Jessica Taylforth and Megan Gibbons - Is there a relationship between food knowledge, dietary knowledge and body mass index within the tertiary student population?
Simon Middlemas, Haydon Croft, Kirsten Spencer and Sam Robertson - The first annual oceania performance analysis conference
Rebecca Priest and Mary Butler - Occupational therapy and evidenced based supported employment in mental health and addictions: showing the way or getting in the way
Campbell MacGregor, Peter Reaburn and Marco T Korhonen - Training modality practices of masters cyclists: an Australian study
Mary-Jane Wennekes, Ellie Watts, Abby Robinson, Amber Priddle and Jean Ross - A sustainable community development project for the resident mothers and infants of Tarras
Christine Moore, Sarah Patrick, Mel Morris, Kylie Hough, Samantha Nordstrom, Raeleen Thompson and Laurie Mahoney - Temuka, South Canterbury, New Zealand: Community assessment, needs analysis and health promotion
Casey McCauley, Jennifer Marr, Melissa Macham, Sophie Monk, Sophie Pearce, Zhang Mi and Laurie Mahoney - Sustaining sexual safety in Oamaru, North Otago, New Zealand
Holly Ward, Tomas Woodford-Webb, Sarah Wyber, Emma Wylie, Stephanie Rogers, Sheena Saunders, Zara Mills, Naaketta Scully, Yana Yeritsyan, Jessica Smith and Jean Ross - A health sustainability project for the communities of Milton Otago, New Zealand
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